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8 Weighty Reasons to Practice Yoga You Should Be Aware Of


Exercising and various activities have a lot of health benefits. Yoga is one of the most popular practices that can help you cope with many issues, both physical and mental. The main thing is that yoga practice doesn't require any special tools (except for a mat) or skills. This means that anyone, regardless of age or gender, can do yoga. In this article, we have gathered eight weighty reasons to practice yoga you should be aware of.


1. Yoga helps cope with the stress

If your life is full of stress and anxiety, it's high time to try yoga. In combination with aromatherapy and meditation, it can do wonders for you. While practicing yoga, you will focus on inner calmness and peace. Additionally, yoga poses (asanas) require concentration that will also help you get rid of annoying thoughts.


2. Yoga helps lose weight

Even though yoga practice doesn't guarantee significant weight loss, it can still help you get rid of a few extra pounds. But you should understand that regularity and mindfulness are essential if you want to have visible changes. Indeed, if you practice yoga a few days a month, you will not receive the desired results. If everyday exercising is too much for you, try to practice yoga at least a few times a week.


3. Yoga relieves headaches

Yoga, as any other physical activity, boosts the production of chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals are responsible for a good mood and cheerfulness. However, they also have pain-relieving properties. So if you suffer from headaches, you may practice yoga instead of taking pain medications. 


4. Yoga eases pain during periods

As mentioned above, yoga increases the production of endorphins. These chemicals can help you ease your pain during periods as well. Additionally, concentration and light self-massage during exercise can reduce cramping. Additionally, there are certain yoga poses that can help relax your pelvic muscles and relieve pain during periods.


5. Yoga helps increase flexibility

If lifting something from the floor or tying shoelaces became difficult for you, yoga can help increase your flexibility. A limited range of motion is a quite common issue for people who maintain a sedentary lifestyle. Daily or at least regular exercise will help improve your flexibility and make you feel less stiff. 


6. Yoga helps improve breathing issues

One of the main principles of yoga is to teach you how to breathe deeply and properly. So if you suffer from shortness of breath or any other breathing issue, you can try to do yoga on a regular basis. However, it is better to consult your healthcare provider beforehand to be aware that there are no contraindications.


7. Yoga helps ease back pain

Back pain is an extremely common issue for many people, especially if they maintain a sedentary lifestyle. The point is that prolonged sitting can make the muscles of your back stiff and tense, and this can result in back pain. Yoga can help relax tense muscles and make them strong. Additionally, yoga can help you treat cervical degenerative disc disease and many other spinal conditions as a part of your treatment plan.


8. Yoga fights depression

There are a lot of researches that have found that yoga can decrease symptoms of depression. In addition to the fact that yoga increases the production of endorphins and serotonin, it can also improve your sleep. The point is that many people with depression have poor sleep. So yoga can help them sleep and feel better. If you feel depressed or your depression treatment is not working well, you can discuss the benefits of yoga practice with your doctor.