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5 Weighty Reasons Why We Need to Eat Less Meat


A plant-based diet is a panacea for almost all health problems. Fruits, veggies, nuts, lentils, whole grains, and seeds have countless benefits for your body as well as the planet’s health. It’s not about giving up meat and going vegan, you can simply cut down your meat intake. If you need some motivation, read this article and find out five great reasons to eat less meat. 


1. You’ll save money 

This is a good reason to consider eating less meat since vegan and vegetarian meals are usually less expensive than meat products. 


2. You’ll reduce emissions of greenhouse gases 

Giving up or cutting down your meat intake will positively affect climate change since animal agriculture has environmental impacts including high emittance of methane gas and CO2.   


3. You’re likely to reverse obesity and heart disease 

Since most meats are high in fat, they are associated with a higher risk of obesity. Moreover, meat consumption is linked to heart disease which is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Eating a plant-based diet can treat heart disease as well as reverse its progression. Consult cardiologist NYC and try to switch to a plant-based diet.   


4. You’ll reduce animal cruelty 

Did you know that factory farming is the largest source of animal cruelty in the world?


  • Animals on factory farms are often given so little space that they can’t lie down comfortably.
  • Factory farms often use antibiotics to keep animals alive in unsanitary conditions which can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria that threaten everyone’s health. 
  • Factory farms make animals grow larger or produce too much milk or too many eggs. Due to these manipulations, chickens become abnormally large and their legs can’t even support their bodies, that’s why they suffer from dehydration and starvation since they can’t walk to get water and food. 


Switching to a plant-based diet or at least cutting down on meat consumption will reduce animal cruelty and health risks. 


5. A plant-based diet will give you incredible benefits 

Science says that a plant-based diet can reverse certain diseases. These include: 

1. Asthma 

In one study, 76 percent of people with asthma who have been eating processed red meat had worsened asthma. A plant-based diet is able to relieve symptoms of asthma and decrease the risk of asthma outbreaks.    

2. Colon and stomach cancer

The World Health Organization results of a comprehensive analysis showed that processed red meats cause colorectal cancer. Scientists also found that the risk of colorectal cancer increases by 12 percent for every 100 gm/day of processed and red meats eaten while veggies and whole grain products decreased the risk. 

After combining 42 studies relating diet to stomach cancer, researchers found that high red meat intake increases the risk of stomach cancer by 70 percent and processed red meat increases it by 80 percent. 3. Type two diabetes    

Finnish scientists have found that replacing at least one percent of daily calorie intake from animal proteins with plant proteins can lower the risk of type two diabetes by 18 percent. 

4. Head and neck cancer 

According to one big study from the Netherlands, processed red meat intake is linked to neck and head cancer.