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7 Tips on How to Deal With Night Hunger Attacks

With the onset of cold weather, the body consumes more energy than in warm weather, because it has to spend a lot of effort to adapt to a constant change in temperature. Due to this, most people feel an increase in appetite, especially in the evening. Many people feel an irresistible need to eat lying in bed. Some can’t even fall asleep without a cake, a spoonful of salad or a small piece of banana.


You should not succumb to such zeal despite the desire to eat before bedtime or in the middle of the night. The body is not at all ready for the digestion process. The next morning after a midnight meal, you will feel weakness, irritability, and heaviness in the stomach. After a couple of weeks, you will notice a couple of extra inches and pounds. We have prepared some practical tips for you to protect yourself from nightly overeating:

1. Add Protein

In order for the body to require less food in the evening, provide it with the necessary number of calories in the afternoon by consuming protein-rich food. Increase the consumption of chicken, beef, eggs or cheese in your diet by about 10-15%. These products contain the necessary substances that the body spends as quickly and in large quantities as the calories themselves. Try to eat meat products in a boiled or stewed form. This way useful substances are more easily stored in the stomach.

2. Dine Without Spices

To avoid hunger at night, do not skip dinner (it should take place 2-3 hours before bedtime). For an evening meal, choose dishes that are prepared without spices, seasonings and a minimum amount of salt. All of them stimulate the production of gastric juice and increase appetite both during meals and after. It can provoke a feeling of hunger even after a few hours.

3. Brush Your Teeth

Mint toothpaste will also help protect against nightly food cravings. Perform evening oral hygiene just before bedtime. The paste itself temporarily blocks the receptors in the mouth, which are responsible for the sensation of taste because the appetite will be dulled for at least an hour. The brain centers responsible for transmitting signals about the onset of hunger will be deceived for a while. Such a habit will surely please your family dentist as an added benefit. 

4. Drink Water

If you feel a slight desire to eat then drink a glass of water. Put it by your bed in advance so there will be no temptation to look into the refrigerator on the way to the water cooler. Instead of hunger, you may simply be overcome by thirst rather than hunger as often the feelings are similar. Secondly, if your appetite suddenly increases, then water will quickly fill the stomach and create a temporary feeling of satiety so you will have time to fall asleep.

5. Smell Some Oil

If water didn’t help then put a couple of drops of rosemary oil on a cotton pad and inhale its aroma for a minute or two. Aromatic oil contains volatile, which when inhaled causes positive chemical reactions that improve mood, soothe the nervous system and dull the feeling of hunger.

6. Breathe

Lie down in bed comfortably and breathe in the “4x4” technique. First, inhale and count to four, then hold your breath for four seconds and exhale, also counting to four. Repeat the entire series for 5–7 times. This technique helps calm the nervous system and dulls all signals of the brain centers, including those responsible for the feeling of hunger.

7. Press on Points

After breathing exercises, so that the result is certain, massage the points responsible for the activity of the digestive system. For 30 seconds, moderately press on the point between the nose and lip. Then massage the same amount on the palm between the pads of the second and middle fingers.