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6 Ways to Make a Fashionable Interior Without Extra Costs

The main features of a modern interior are convenience, minimalism, functionality and environmental friendliness. Dust collecting elements of decoration and bright wall prints are no longer relevant. In this article, we will tell you how to make a fashionable interior in your apartment without unnecessary costs.


1. Comfort

One of the most popular interior trends is a cozy atmosphere. Upholstered furniture, warm rugs, hand-made items, decorative pillows with embroidered pillowcases and other cute things create a cozy interior.


You may repaint and paint the old table or wooden chair. You can use stencils for this idea. Tie a blanket or decorate wooden frames for photos. Imagine and create because not a single designer can do it better than you.


2. Throw Away All Unnecessary Things 

Minimalism combined with functionality is always relevant. A prime example of minimalism is a Scandinavian interior.


What should you do to fit this style? Get rid of all unnecessary items such as a cupboard with old books, an old bedside table, a chair on which no one has sat for a long time.


Open shelves, small coffee tables, lightweight blinds instead of heavy curtains, simple lines, the absence of dark tones will help you create Scandinavian style. Use white, beige or any other pastel shade. You can also add a bright element such as a chair, a table, a picture or a vase. 


3. Mix Interior Styles

Eclecticism admits a mixture of no more than three directions. High-tech elements can be mixed with an eco-style, shabby-chic style which uses artificially aged furniture, retro and Scandinavian style.


Choose interior items for some single attribute: color, texture, size, style, shape. If your home furniture has sharp corners, choose the same decor elements. You can also add a little rigor to the style using panoramic aluminum windows and metal elements of decor.


4. Use Relevant Colors

Designers have already announced colors which will be relevant next year. You will not be mistaken if you choose pastel shades of pink, soft coral, emerald green, cream tones or rich blue. You can also unite these colors to create the most incredible combinations. Light tones visually increase the space, cold tones make the sunny room less hot. To design a small apartment, it’s recommended to use several colors, and one of them may be contrasting.


5. Express Your Personality in the Interior

The American designer Nate Berkus, despite his popularity, believes that not only professionals are able to create a beautiful and stylish interior. The most important thing is the expression of personality. The house should be filled with the owner’s favorite colors, materials, and furniture. Therefore, compositions from your favorite photographs on the walls won’t spoil the interior. You can also decorate the table with your grandmother's vase and create your own story.


6. Enhance Lighting

If you think that the room looks dull and faded and due to this you want to add bright colors in the interior, you should try first to evaluate the quality of lighting. Perhaps a good chandelier with powerful bulbs, a pair of sconces, and a floor lamp will make the atmosphere look fresher and more interesting than you thought.